About us

Our business expertise inspires trust.

The business world today is sophisticated and complex and organizations are increasingly willing to protect their intangible assets. They are paying more attention to their most valuable assets and seeking specialized legal assistance. Intellectual property is now part of the corporate agenda.

Since 2009, our boutique firm has been providing its clients unique legal assistance that combines profound knowledge of the business world idiosyncrasies with highly technical intellectual property expertise.

What makes us different

Our work goes far beyond assisting clients in matters related exclusively to intellectual property. Our services cover key legal practices, such as corporate, litigation, and tax, as well as preparation of a wide range of contracts. This comprehensive view refines our legal opinions. Our multidisciplinary approach covers legal aspects that are not commonly analysed in intellectual property demands, but which can be crucial in our clients’ decision-making process.

Our professionals render customized and fast-paced service to clients seeking practical solutions. We are pro-active and straightforward when dealing with our clients’ demands, and we are able to offer them competitive, cost-effective and personalized services.

Our clients

Our clients include companies from several economic sectors, such as agribusiness, technology, biotechnology and start-ups, among others. We count on the assistance of highly capable strategic partners located throughout Brazil.